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Building a Soldier’s Story Using War Diaries

My father’s family move to Canada from England in 1928, and my father, his father and his two brothers joined the British Columbia (Duke of Connaught’s Own) Regiment, also known as The Dukes, as militia in the mid-1930s. All the boys had been musicians from when they were children, so they joined the regimental band.


A Canadian’s Journey Through D-Day

Leading up to D-Day By 1940 the Germans had successfully occupied Paris France, and with its tight hold on Europe, there was little in their way to regulate the continent under Nazi control. As...

Dirty Deeds on D-Day 0

Dirty Deeds on D-Day

As the light faded over Normandy, France, on June 7, 1944, Maj. John Donald “Don” Learment of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders was among many newly captured members of that Canadian infantry regiment bound...


Battle of Monte Cassino

In the spring of 1944, the Germans still held the line of defence north of Ortona, as well as the mighty bastion of Monte Cassino which blocked the Liri corridor to the Italian capital....

The Battle of Ortona 0

The Battle of Ortona

In December 1943, a group of largely untested Canadians went up against German forces in the Italian town of Ortona. The result was a bloodbath so intense that the media called it the “Italian...