War Dogs

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War Dogs

Post by Temujin » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:10 pm

I was once asked about the use of “War Dogs” during WW2. Here is a report I found
report on war dogs.pdf
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http://cgsc.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/sing ... 7/rec/2083

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Re: War Dogs

Post by Phil » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:44 pm

Here is an optical character recognition of the PDF, not very accurate, but contains keywords for search purposes.
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Report on War Dogs
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5 Sept. U)
by autho ty f ACO
OJ?.CT8 on War Dogs.
A.?.o. 885
5 Septomber 194
sÉPl 1945
l, Infantry
Chief of Staff, Waøhingtm 5,
1. report Ig In aeeordaneo VI th radio
EAR 22929 dated April 1944.
— At preoent on duty In this Theater a War Dog
conalgting of 1 line offleor, 1 Veterinary officer, 66 dogg and dog
hmd1eT8, and veterinary t.eehnioinna. addition there are
War Dogg and hutdlerg assigned to ATC.
These dogs are being uged In eapaeltleø.
ag scout dogg for combat forceø
as sentry dogs around varloug Ingtailatlonø.
dogg handlers are *lth Northern Coabat Area
co—and, tnnty—three on duty Tith 5332 Brigade, Provisional, In
the combat zom in Northem Burn, and nimteen nore In training with
the 5332 Brigade, at Ramgarh Training Calter In India.
These are the oo±at dogs.
dogg and handlers from the Dog
Detachnent are with Advance Soctlon '2, and the tnnty—four agglgtod
to ATC are being used nt Stations 6, 7 and 9, all In the Chabua,
Assan area. Then ere ete øentry dogs.
The of the war dogs with use and experience
In handling. Use In combat operatlonø hag been united to date. It
Is definitely believed that gontry dogs Who save gentry pergotmei,
while achieving ßeater and nore effeetivo coverage, and scout
dogs who save livea by preventing anbuahøs, enabling patrola to
more freely, and search out gnlpere, are worthyhlle ad$.mcta to
n111tn•y service e
These are being used In the Chabua area to guard amtmltlon
dtmpg. Then d.g were admittedly-aneocurely patrolled prior to
ade rage being offeated, øavlngø
using the dy
28 JAN 1945

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In averages three
r nan—dog In Instance
n pilferer crept into a small arm
tion g«down night while the
man and dog were at the rar end of the n on the oppoølte
side. In leag thÜi a minute when the dog
er he Indicated
presence of the prowler Who •n g Imedlateiy f? no den. •
Thig per gon In warehouse where nan would r have dis covered
him. Poor narkgmanship because of the darkness prevented hle capture,
but he vag digoovered before he had opportlml+.y to cauøe dange or theft.
ATC dogg are guarding gagollne storage tanks, where personnel
gavingg average four men for one dog toan; plane dispersal areag with
personnel gavi.ngg fron three men for one dog gentry team to twelve men for
mo team, nose hangars, fou• nen for one team, and radio stations three
nen for one team.
Sati8fact10n hag been expressed by the unl€ eonanderg eoncomed,
and In nost cages desire for additional dogs has been Indicated.
The Scout Dogs, though only uged during the last thirty—even
dayg of the Nyltkyina operation. Tere guccesgfui to the ext«.t that full
cognisance Ig taken of them In planning future noves.
throe distinct oecaglona these dogg prevented üe patrol with
whom they were working walking Into a superior eneay force 'Ithout
the enenv knowing that the patrol vag In the area.
(h geren occasions when there •ere onipors In an area which
had been hilted to no avail by nan alone, applleatlon or the dogg regulted
In their speedy location nnd liquidation.
In ON Ingt.ancø a lone enæy filtered into a CP area where nany
Den ere gleeplng and dog 'ho not working rag chained. Chla Jap
wag amed with a bag of h&ld grenadeø and evidently Intended to drop
t.hen Into occupied fox holes. He crawled too clooe to the dog, who
since he hhd no man 'Ith him took care of the situation himself by knock—
Ing the Jnp down and chewing both legs go badly that the enemy pulled
the pln on one of the grenades and rolled over on It.
During the mopping up phage two Japanese soldiers were observed
crogglng a riee paddy entering üe Jungle. Imodiately a patrol,
Including dog and handler went after then. After ht.mting for several
hours the dog Indicated the pregonce an enmy, though nothing vag In
sight. The patroJ leader vas slightly gkeptloai, and told the dog
handler to Bhoot where he thought they were. burst from n Thompson
killed one Jap and brought the other up out of hiding whore he wes
killed by the patrol.
geout do
only their naaterg and the
•ten the patrol In order to work effectively.

****** Result for Image/Page 4 ******
Inromatlon lacking
obtaining rep In cement dogg In the event •q'
Congldernble difficulty wag experl«iced In getting the dogs
and •hnndlerg Into the Troop The dog handlerø vere shipped to
the Theater ns cngualø. It wag fotmd that while area and tmlt
commanders vere anxious to try out the doggy they vere unwilling to nake
any vacancies In 2/0 unltg to which vacancioa the dog handlorg could be
agelgned. Eventually units were deleted fron the Troop Basis to provldø
for a war dog detachment. It Is believed that a cellular T/O and E for
war dog tmits would greatly facilitate the use of wor dogs and would get
up a definite standard of gradeg anf ratings for war dog pergmnel.
While additional war dogg can be used acWantageoug1y In the
Theater, particularly for sentry work, the of present
•e cannot düW any unltg Croa the Troop Baglg to provide for additional
var dogs.
report be øubnltted folloving Dore complete use
or doga In combat operations.
For the Comandlng Gonerait
Lt. col., A.G.D.,
Acting Ad:. Gen.

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