Movement Control - another of those “behind the scene’s units”

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Movement Control - another of those “behind the scene’s units”

Post by Temujin » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:21 pm

Movement Control

Was set up on the start of the war to “control the movements of Troops” across the country, and on to Troop ships (and cargo ships which had room for passengers) to England, and home again.

When you look at the “movement control” files at LAC, you will find each individual ship names, with literally hundreds and even thousands of message, letters, nominal rolls, embarkation cards for each and every sailing on each Convoy. PLUS the movement to and from the Ports around Canada and the US. Even before the US entered the war, many US Ports were being utilized to ship Troops to England, and back.

Within Movement Control were sub-units, such as the “ship staff”. These were small organizations that sailed on the Troop ships, to maintain control and organization while the troops were on board the various vessels.

Attached are various documents, and newpaper articles that help tell the story about the Troop movements and the organization behind this
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This article helps describe the movement of the 1st Canadian Division onto their assigned transport ships
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