The Naval Service of Canada

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The Naval Service of Canada

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There are four histories of The Naval Service of Canada, they cover Canadian Naval Aviation, 1918 - 1962, and its Official History, from it's origins and early years to the Korean War. The Volume on the Korean War can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=26. The other three volumes are:

A History of Canadian Naval Aviation, 1918-1962: ... hist_e.pdf

The Naval Service of Canada : Its Official History. Vol 1, Origins and Early Years: ... vol1_e.pdf
NAVAL history in its Canadian setting has hitherto received little attention from historians. Even that part of the subject which consists of high policy has been told only as a part of more general political accounts, and with most of the purely naval implications omitted. The story of the Naval Service of Canada covers a large part of this field.
The Naval Service of Canada : Its Official History. Vol 2, Activities on Shore During the Second World War: ... vol2_e.pdf
VOL. II of the Official History of the Naval Services covers the story of activitives on shore during the Second World War. It deals with the steps which led up to Canada’s entry into the war and the naval activities during the first few weeks that followed, the procurement of warships and men, shore bases, shipping and trade, organization, and demobilization.

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