OTD Livestream Battle Series: Ortona

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OTD Livestream Battle Series: Ortona

Post by BFBSM » Thu Sep 01, 2022 5:27 am

This may be of interest, the description, quoted below, gives detail of some of the sources.
The second installment of the OTD Livestream Battle Series looks at the Battle of Ortona in December 1943. I will be discussing the fighting that led to the town particularly at the Moro River and the Gully, the intense urban combat in the streets, and the less discussed aftermath. The fighting pitted the German 1st Parachute Division against the 1st Canadian Infantry Division.

Article about the Battle of Ortona by Mark Zuehlke: https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.c...

@Project '44 Italian Campaign web map: https://map.project44.ca/

Southern Italy Story Map

Books I used for research can be purchased at the links below. (Full disclosure: If you buy from these links I receive a commission, which I will use to keep the channel running.)

Ortona: Canada's Epic World War II Battle by Mark Zuehlke



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