WW2 Troop Transport Ships - Directorate of Movements

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WW2 Troop Transport Ships - Directorate of Movements

Post by Temujin » Tue Feb 22, 2022 10:03 am

Attached is a spread sheet, showing Troop Transport & Cargo Ships that carried Troops and Passengers from Canada/US ports to the UK during WW2. These files contain information and Military Unit Nominal Rolls and Individual Passengers on each vessel.

As you can see, I have been going thru each Reel and adding the individual ships and link to the ship on this file. Clicking on the link beside each vessel will take you to the Heritage Canadiana webpage to the page that the ship information is located. NOTE: THESE ARE LARGE FILES, and the larger troop transports are hundreds of pages of information.

THE INFORMATION IN THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, and as I add more individual ships I will continue to update this file periodically. Please check the DATE on the bottom of this post which will give you the “latest” update to this file

Directorate of Movements 1.pdf
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All information is from Library and Archives Canada with the Digitizations by Heritage Canadiana which allows free use by the public

22 FEB 2022


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