Wellington MP578, 407 Sqdn, Flt Sgt J.G. McDonald ?

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Wellington MP578, 407 Sqdn, Flt Sgt J.G. McDonald ?

Post by georgetanksherman » Fri Sep 03, 2021 6:45 pm

Greetings Everyone,

According to BomberCommandArchive, Flt Sgt Joseph G. McDonald, RCAF No. 407 Sqdn, was flying on Wellington MP578, is said to be from the U.S. does anyone have any info on this individual

Wellington MP578

On the 11th of February, 1944, U-283, a Type VIIC, under command of Oberleutnant Gunther Ney was lost with its entire crew of 49 sailors. The U-Boat was sunk by depth charges from a Vickers Wellington G.R. Mk. XII L/L (Leigh Light-equipped) aircraft of No. 407 'Demon' (G.R.) Squadron operating from R.A.F. Station Limvady, Derry, Northern Ireland.

The Wellington (s/n MP578 and coded C1-D) was piloted by Flying Officer Peter William Heron of Edmonton, Alberta. He and his crew had been on a convoy patrol at the time of the attack. The U-Boat went down at position 60.45 degrees North Latitude - 12.50 degrees West Longtitude. On the day of the attack of the attack, U-283 was a front boat with 9 Flottille.

Crew of Wellington MP578:

F/O Peter William Heron (J.11139)
F/O James Oswald Hornby (J.21194)
F/O Charles Joseph Sullivan (J.13771)
P/O Robert Cecil Hayes (J.10661; served in postwar RCAF as 41579)
Warrant Officer Leslie Tunney (R.91282, later commissioned as J.86100)

Flight Sergeant Joseph Gerrard McDonald (R.78057, later commissioned as J.88355)

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Re: Wellington MP578, 407 Sqdn, Flt Sgt J.G. McDonald ?

Post by Temujin » Fri Sep 03, 2021 7:47 pm

I’m searching George………did find the Ops Record Book detailing the attack
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