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Americans in the RCAF

Post by Ludford 101 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:16 pm

Over the past couple of weeks I have been looking up and adding next of kin and hometowns to the 938 men in 6 Group RCAF whose entries in the CWGC do not have any NOK or hometowns. This is for a friend of mine in the UK who is determined to get it right for some upcoming books.

In doing that I came across the following men, all Americans as proven by their birth certificates, RCAF applications, marriage licenses and pro formas sent to US authorities after the man was killed. It is/was possible to live in the US and not be American, same as it's possible to be born in the US and raised in Canada.

There will be quite a few more when we get to RCAF killed on RAF squadrons. ... r-charles/

Son of Werner Charles and Katharine Pearl (nee Beeson) Hencke of St. Louis, Missouri, USA; husband of Patricia Violet (nee Ashwin) Hencke of Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, England ... er,-lloyd/

Son of Solomon Arlie and Mary (nee Nugent) Snider of Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA; husband of Dorothy Joan (nee Watkins) Snider of Toronto, Ontario, Canada ... s-francis/

Son of Thomas Joseph and Mary Elizabeth (nee Leary) Leach of Newton, Massachusetts, USA; husband of Phyllis Adelaide (nee Pratt) Leach of Montreal, Quebec, Canada ... d-francis/

Son of David and Elizabeth (nee Smith) Monroe of North Conway, New Hampshire, USA ... ond-james/

Son of Raymond James and Elizabeth Mary (nee Wilson) Dillon of Freeport, Illinois, USA ... ren-henry/

Son of John and Charlotte (nee Bolt) Ridder of New York City, New York, USA ... ,-kenneth/

Son of William James and Sybil (nee Davis) Hargreaves of Detroit, Michigan, USA ... -wendelin/

Son of Joseph Andrew and Mary (nee Stefko) Kucinsky of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, USA ... r-anthony/

Son of Anthony Frank and Frances (nee Kosek) Kopacz of Westbrook, Maine, USA ... bert-earl/

Son of Earl Elmer and Marjorie (nee Wilson) Williams of Cynthiana, Kentucky, USA ... len-edwin/

Son of Sterling Alexander and Alice Evan (nee Petty) Lewis of St. Louis, Missouri, USA ... aul-jones/

Son of James Edward and Florence (nee Malican) Maroney of Buffalo, New York, USA ... -randolph/
Son of Antonio and Eleanor (nee Lorrillard) Carvajal of El Paso, Texas, USA ... bert-leon/

Son of Robert Leon and Ilo Singleton (nee Harnless) Clarkson of Danville, Illinois, USA; husband of Mavis Belle (nee Russell) Clarkson of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada ... d-woodrow/

Son of Son of Oscar and Gertrude (nee Abraham) Johnson of Flandreau, South Dakota, USA; husband of Margaret (nee Crawford) Johnson of Los Angeles, California, USA ... ward-carl/

Son of Edward Carl and Ann (nee Livesy) Olsen of Pendleton, Oregon, USA ... s-russell/

Son of David Lorenza and Louise (nee Connelly) Sherrill of Greenville, South Carolina, USA; husband of Edythe Henrietta (nee Warner) Sherrill of Brantford, Ontario, Canada ... del-frank/

Son of Claude and Isa Mae (nee Moore) Edwards of Bloomington, Wisconsin, USA; husband of Frances May (nee Jones) Edwards of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada ... ood-alton/

Son of George and Luella (nee Stone) Dingley of New York City, New York, USA; husband of Paula Beach (nee Stone) Dingley of Forest Hills, Long Island, New York, USA ... or-thomas/

Son of John and Oliver (nee Christopherson) Sylvester of Paswegin, Saskatchewan, Canada ... kin,-john/

Son of John and Annie (nee Balmes) Rankin of Avoca, Pennsylvania, USA ... ard-trent/

Son of Ralph Waldo and Faye (nee Trent) Botkin of Pratt, Kansas, USA; husband of Madge (nee Sullivan) Botkin of Wichita, Kansas, USA ... th-wesley/

Son of William and May (nee Riser) Sanderson of Omaha, Nebraska, USA ... ard-basil/

Son of Oscar and Lena (nee Bernodo) Ruto of Kansas City, Missouri, USA ... ,-elliott/

Son of Paul Duane and Mary Bryan (nee Elliott) Kitt of Chillicothe, Missouri, USA; husband of Dorothy (nee Fraley) Kitt of Chillicothe, Missouri, USA ... n-terrill/

Son of Angus Donald and Maude (nee Ashton) MacNeill of Trion, North Carolina, USA; husband of Winnifred Joan (nee Osborne) MacNeill of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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