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Project '44

Post by BFBSM » Sun Dec 05, 2021 11:33 pm

A resource I have used infrequently is the Project '44 interactive map. The 'About' page on the site states:
Project’44 is an online map of the Western Front of the Second World War, co-created by Nathan Kehler and Drew Hannen from the Canadian Research and Mapping Association (CRMA). The CRMA partnered with museums and partner institutions like the Library and Archives Canada for over three years to digitize war diaries, maps and aerial photographs so that they could be available on the web map. This incredible feat has made over 7,000 pages of text and 7 million words available to the public. Aerial imagery of the Normandy front was supplied by the Institute National de L’information Geographique et Forestiere (IGN). The combinations of these primary source documents are distilled into Project’44 an easy-to-use interactive web map which is at the fingertips of historians and the general public.
It is an ongoing project, and they have developed three maps:

The Road to Liberation - The North-West Europe Campaign (, which covers the North-West Europe campaign, from D-Day to Liberation.

Iwo Jima (

The Road to Liberation - The Italian Campaign ( To get to this map, one needs to enter Italy in the search bar, once the page opens.

Again, this is an ongoing project, and as I understand it, units are still being added, so it is worth checking back regularly.

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