401 Squadron, RCAF, Kenley Airfield

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401 Squadron, RCAF, Kenley Airfield

Post by Phil » Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:56 pm

78 years ago on 21st January, 1943..this photo was taken at RAF Kenley..
401 Squadron, RCAF, Kenley Airfield.jpg
401 Squadron, RCAF, Kenley Airfield.jpg (113.88 KiB) Viewed 3771 times
You can read more about it here:
https://www.kenleyrevival.org/content/n ... raf-kenley

Wing Commander K. L.B. Hodson DFC is seated in the centre of the front row.

From left to right:
* Sergeant J. L.Becker
* Flying Officer H. A. Westhaver
* Flying Officer L. G. Coons
* Sergeant J. A. Chapin
* Flight Sergeant H. P. Coates
* Flight Lieutenant F. E. Grant, “A” Flight Commander
* Sergeant A. E. Gray
* Sgt. J. T. Paskiewicz (U.S.A.)
* Flight Sergeant A. C. Lewis-Watts
* Sergeant P. K. Gray
* Pilot Officer H. D. Macdonald
* Flight Lieutenant G. B. Murray DFC, “B” Flight Commander
* Flying Officer H. C. Godefroy
* Flight Lieutenant McArthur, Medical Officer.
* Flying Officer E. L. Gimbel (U.S.A.)
* Flight Sergeant F. B. Evans
* Sergeant C. B. Cohen
* Dave Neville, ground crew on distant Spitfire.

The following day, 22nd January, 401 squadron, RCAF had one last party at Kenley before their move to Catterick..

"All ranks participated in a Squadron dinner in the new Airmen's Mess. 401 Squadron still proves to be made of good mixers, and all agreed it was the best feed for a long time. This "do" officially began at 2000 hrs. The sitting Station Commander W.C. M. N. Creesley DSO, DFC, arrived soon afterwards accompanied by S/L Peel, the S.A.R.O.? (illegible) and the officers of the squadron. Seven kegs of ale were tapped, everyone freely treating everyone else. Later, the buffet dinner, superbly executed, was served to the satisfaction of all. A group of policemen entertained in cabaret style, assisted by the station dance band. The evening degenerated nicely into song and speech-making, the better the highlight is that the promotion of our late O.C. Keith L.E. Hodson DFC, to wing commander, was announced. The new Winco Flying gave a fond farewell, and his successor S/L Eugene L. "Jeep" Neal DFC, followed with a few characteristic and roundly cheered words. Inter-flight rivalry was short-lived with F/Ls Bitsy Grant and Scott Murray, A and B flight commanders, embracing each other so all could see and applaud. The party broke up at 11.30 o'clock, a pleasant last memory of Kenley filling mind and stomach of both 'boss' and 'irk.'l

Kenley Revival - History of Kenley Airfield

Grateful thanks go to Scott P. M. Godefroy for the photograph
401 squadron ORB.
Apologies for any inaccuracies in this transcription..the Operations Record Book is quite hard to read in places.
401 Squadron, RCAF, Kenley Airfield-Colorized.jpg
401 Squadron, RCAF, Kenley Airfield-Colorized.jpg (139.84 KiB) Viewed 3771 times

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